Eight years ago my wife and I met on the mission field serving in various countries. Together we have traveled to nearly 40 different countries all around the globe. Brother Jack Woodworking began when I couldn't afford to buy my family Christmas gifts around the holidays. Growing up I had a true craftsman as a father. A jack of all trades if you will. A very skillful man who passed his work ethic and general contracting traits onto me. I was a general contractor/handyman for years and really wasn't being fulfilled. In the general contracting world, when it gets cold during the winter months, work begins to slow down (at least for me it did). My wife and I struggled to make ends meet. We knew we had to do something to put food on the table for our kids. The name Brother Jack was created when we found out that my son, Everest Jack, was becoming a brother. Now, with another child on the way, we really had to figure out how to become more financially stable. Brother Jack Woodworking is still in the very beginning stages and has a lot of learning and growing to do for it to reach its full potential. We are doing everything we can to push the company and products as far as it can go. As a woodworker, I really enjoy creating and working with wood. Each time I open my shop doors in the morning it feels like a new canvas. I am able to really connect and dial into what I am doing. Everything that comes out of my shop is one of a kind and completely unique. The one thing that I believe really sets our work apart from others is the attention to detail we put into each piece. The amount of different woods and patterns we use in the creating of our inlay is very meticulous and thorough. One wrong or improperly joined piece of wood can alter a project majorly. My favorite part of the process is the final step. When I apply the final coat of finish using mineral oil on cutting boards and poly on a table it comes to life. The way the wood grain pops out or the sheen on a brightly colored piece of Purple Heart wood is a beautiful thing to me. Sawdust in the air is a job well done for me at the end of the day. When I say I truly enjoy what I do I mean it. Woodworking is something I am becoming more and more passionate about. I would love to be able to support my family fully by continuing to do what I love.

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